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Sportsline Asia endorse Evidence-based Practice in Sports, from Sports Medicine to Sports Excellence.  Our core sectors of expertise are sports medicine, sports education, sports assessment and sports products solution. 

Sportsline has covered over 20000+ hours in our physiotherapy clinic, recovery center, sports field and different sports settings every years in the region.  Our expertise covers:

We distribute some of the best sports medical products from around the world.  The products range from sports tapes, braces and support, BLACKROLL, consumerables for physio / athletic trainer.

Sportsline distributes and resell professional and specialty sports products.  Under our portfolio, Sportsline carries: 


  • Bauerfeind AG

  • Premax

  • Hyperice

  • Truetape

  • Dr Cool / COOLCORE




















Kyle Lunn – Founder and Managing Director of Blue Zinc. Kyle's role includes strategy and planning of our products and services, engagement with key clients and organisations.

Ronnie Johnston – Founder and Technical Director of Blue Zinc. Ronnie's roles include product innovation, strategy and design, along with the strategic vision for Blue Zinc.


Blue Zinc IT specialise in innovative solutions for the MSK sector.

They supply the industry leading TM3 clinic management system and have developed an integrated suite of products to transform the referral process from funder to treatment provider, which improves the patient journey, reduces administrative overhead and offers specialist clinical record functionality to enable to record, manage and analyse clinical records like never before. 


TM3 is the world leading MSK clinic management system which combines the power and security of desktop software with the flexibility of a cloud solution. 

TM3 is modern and intuitive practice management software that helps streamline a clinic, so clinics spend less time on administration and enables an efficient and profitable clinic. TM3 operates on multiple devices with seamless integration between platforms, enabling great levels of efficiency and user experience for the clinic and their patients.

TM3 offers complete data security for a clinic by providing secure, off site data hosting.

Blue Zinc have been supplying specialist MSK clinic management solutions for over 13 years and have over 10,000 practitioners using their innovative systems. Blue Zinc are highly engaged with their clinical users to ensure TM3 continues to offer innovation in the MSK sector and they also have a highly rated customer service team in place, to help their users operate their clinics in the most effective way.

In addition to their TM3 product, Blue Zinc have developed a unique range of integrated referral management solutions which include a specialist case management system, Caseflow, and an integration platform, the Pronto Network. 


Caseflow is designed to provide the funders of MSK treatment with a specialized solution to manage cases and work effectively with networks of independent clinics. Case flow ensures a lean and efficient way of dealing with cases, which benefits all stakeholders in the referral process, including the patient.

The Pronto Network

The Pronto Network makes receiving referrals much easier for the clinic. This is achieved by providing a secure, live integration platform which significantly reduces the administrative burden on clinics. This includes enabling clinics to receive referrals in real time, securely and allows online appointment booking for the patient. In addition, Pronto significantly reduces the burden of clinical reporting and invoicing when dealing with 3rd party referrals.






















PhysioTools makes creating exercise programs for your clients quick and easy. As a result you save time, and provide your customers with the extra service that makes you stand out.

Select exercises, customise text and then simply email or print your handout. You can also send exercise plans to your client’s mobile device. Each exercise includes clearly written instructions, colour photographs and/or drawings and often videos. 

We currently offer 21,000+ exercises from different specialist fields that can be used in rehabilitation, but also in prevention and fitness. You can easily add own content, create templates and share exercises with colleagues.