Membership Overview

Current Members:



Criteria for membership:

Private physiotherapy associations wishing to apply for IPPA membership must satisfy the following criteria:

1. The private practice association must be a recognised sub-section of a parent national physical therapy association member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

2. Individual members of the private practice sub-section must also be members of the parent national physical therapy association.

Membership Fees:

The annual IPPTA subscription fee for full IPPTA membership is determined by the number of individual members registered with the private physiotherapy organisation.

Number of members 1 - 50 50 - 500 over 500
Subscription fee paid in euros 265.00  529.00  689.00 

Per private practice association

Download a membership application form here

Meet the Chair – Wilma Erasmus

 As a physiotherapy practice owner since 1987, the business of private physiotherapy is close to my heart and one of the driving forces of my involvement in the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) since 1995 and IPPA since 2011.  As an active working private physiotherapist I am at the coalface of the opportunities and challenges which the members, that the SASP and IPPTA represent, experience every day.

During my committee involvement in the SASP, I had the privilege to serve as chairman of different committees from tariff, peer review, policy, PhysioFocus and also as President of the SASP. It is my opinion that this equipped me with insight into the forces and politics involved within committees.  It also equipped me with the necessary skills to be an effective leader that can focus on the task and deadlines ahead while allowing for the growth and participation of the other committee members.   My involvement in IPPTA since 2005 (first on the nomination committee and then as MO rep on the executive committee) has opened my eyes to the challenges that face an international organization with a private practice membership who has both unique and similar issues and problems.

 As chairman of IPPTA my focus for the 4 year term will be:

 •    Strategic direction for IPPTA, the aim would be to have a strategic plan with unified goals and timeframes that would enhance IPPTA, build capacity and ensure financial stability within IPPTA.

•    Growth within IPPTA membership.  This will be done by creating added value and support for the existing member organizations (MO) and recruitment, support and mentoring of new MO’s.

•   Empowerment of IPPTA executive committee and MO’s with business and leadership tools to enable them to transfer those skills to improve their own organizations and businesses. I am of the opinion that I do have the experience, insight and knowledge to achieve these.“The purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so youcan live those values more fully.” ― Stan Slap


Meet the Vice Chair – Denis Kelly New Zealand

My name is Denis Kelly and I live in Invercargill, one of the three main cities in the South Island of New Zealand. I have a private physiotherapy practice in Winton, Southland a short distance from Invercargill. I was born and raised in New Zealand. I trained in Physiotherapy in Manchester UK, graduating in 1992. After some time working in the UK I moved back to New Zealand and started in private practice in 1996. I am married to Mary and we have three children, two boys at University and one daughter in her last year at secondary school. From 2001 through to 2011 I worked on the New Zealand Private Physiotherapy Association executive committee.  I was Chairman from 2008 through to 2010 I am currently on the Physiotherapy New Zealand National Executive. The IPPTA stated focus from Québec in 2012 includes:

•   Private practitioner business education

•   Benchmarking for member organisations

•   Sharing of information to member organisations

I would like to use my experience in private physiotherapy business management and education to further the goals of the IPPTA. I believe the high standard of the delivery of physiotherapy services begins with sound business practice. For a private practice to run efficiently and well, business owners need to have the tools to be able to deliver a good business model and ultimately the high standard of physiotherapy cover.The data collection project which is currently underway is a good example of benchmarking and sharing information for member organisations. It is clear that this is a valuable piece of work which will benefit all the member organisations of the IPPTA. My experience with Private Physiotherapy business education within New Zealand is a valuable skill for me which I believe is transferable into the international arena for our member organisations. As part of my role as Private Physiotherapy Association chairman I had a strong interest in the sharing of information amongst our members within New Zealand.  I believe that this skill is also transferable to the international stage. One of my overall goals is to promote the standing of physiotherapist in the workplace and develop a pathway whereby all stakeholders are educated in and understand the huge potential of physiotherapy for national and international health care. I would like to bring to IPPTA some of these values which I consider are vital not only for individual country members but across the physiotherapy community internationally. I am excited by the progress of the database project that IPPTA has initiated and developed and I can see huge potential for expanding and developing this project.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with like-minded individuals for the benefit of physiotherapy private practices internationally.


Meet the Secretary – Margaret Revie UK

I have served as the IPPTA Secretary for one term of four years.  Within IPPTA I see a role for promoting and actively assisting member countries to gather data which will assist each other in promoting the business of private physical therapy in our member countries. The sharing of knowledge and good practice and disseminating it to member countries and the wider world of physiotherapy can only help us all. As I have been in private practice for many years I know the value of having a good business sense and will continue  to help  the  executive  promote  the  gathering  of  data  which  helps  our  members understand the diversity that exists within each country and to learn from each other. I have extensive knowledge of professional practice, education, regulation and research in the various roles I have undertaken within the profession in the UK and bring this expertise to the work of the executive committee of IPPTA. Strategic planning is seen as essential within professional organisations and to work effectively across different countries and cultures, IPPTA has to continue to forward plan for the future. I feel that my skills and experience of working at a strategic level  within my own member organisations in the  UK are of  benefit to aid the organisation in achieving this. In the past four years as IPPTA Secretary I have:

•    Striven to improve the communication of the executive committee helping them to move forward in a positive manner towards attaining the goals set in the objectives of the organisation.

•    Worked  closely  with  the  Chair  to  facilitate  communication  between  the  executive committee members to see work through to completion.

•    Supported the executive committee members to maintain good communication with each other.

•   Worked closely with the MOR’s and secretaries of member organisations to inform the

IPPTA executive committee of progressing work in the different countries and regions.

•    Supported the executive committee members to plan and accomplish specific pieces of work.

•    Maintained links with WCPT and kept the executive committee informed of significant developments

•    Within the Executive helped define the purpose of IPPTA going forward after the meeting in Quebec

•   Managed the introduction of a new web site for IPPTA including a new logo

•   Managed the setting up of a survey monkey to collect data.

‘Improving standards of independent practice by physical therapists’ is an admirable aspiration as stated within the Strategic Plan of IPPTA but only by applying the most up to date research in practice, communication and business can IPPTA hope to achieve this  goal. My experience as an Executive member of Physio First has taught me how essential it is that any successful organisation needs to identify their vision and then keep that focus. Physio First’s statement of Intent being  “Championing evidence based cost effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace” and that of IPPTA’s stated purpose being Private Practitioner Business Education, Benchmarking for Member Organisations and Sharing (two way sharing as an expectation). I feel that within the present executive committee I have achieved the goals I laid out in my statement four years ago and will strive to continue to move IPPTA forward to achieve the stated aims of the organisation in the coming four years.


Meet the Treasurer – Tim Nemeth Belgium

Since Amsterdam 2011, I have been the Belgian delegate to the IPPTA regional and general meetings. I have come to appreciate and better understand the importance of an organization such as IPPTA. Especially in the role of the member organization representative of a country, where liberal foundations of private physical therapy practice  are merely surfacing. In the previous years I have met a group of hard working representatives who always advocate for private physical therapy. Together we benefit from the joint meetings and learn from each other about the good and the yet to improve matters in the national frameworks.

I am an eager listener and a team player who always strives to reach a consensus within stated boundaries. I am not afraid to take matters in my hands when the situation calls for it. I am sure that with an open mind I am able to keep IPPTA on the delineated path.

My efforts for IPPTA will be concentrating on  the necessary controlled growth within the available budget. Only a worldwide cooperation of physical therapy private practitioner’s organizations gives us the empowerment of acting as the representing organization within the WCPT. Furthermore I would like to focus on a more direct and a quick communication platform for the member organization representatives, as sharing information is one of the IPPTA main goals. Long term and ongoing projects are the basis of a continuing development within the organization, but on the spot information could well be very important in negotiations with other stakeholders in the national legal frameworks of our profession.  Therefore I believe that a sensible and wise use of always evolving modern social media and communication forms is something to keep up with. I stated in Amsterdam that as the only worldwide non clinical organization for private physical therapist organizations we do have an increasing important value in this global economic challenging time. Today I strongly believe this is still valid. Whether your country is a pioneer in setting standards for physical therapy or at this moment only benefits from wheels that are already invented, working together (networking) should raise standards for physical therapy for all members.

As the IPPTA Treasurer, together with the entire Executive Committee, I will watch over the opportunities of our organization within the budgetary framework.


Meet the Member Organisation Representative Marc Chevalier - Switzerland

In 2009, I joined for the first time the IPP(T)A Regional Meeting in Cape Town as the Swiss representative. Since then I participated five times. It has always been a great pleasure and a major source of inspiration. Thanks to the exchange  with  representatives  from  other  nations  I  recognized,  despite diverse health care systems and different cultures, all the problems are more or less the same. However, the frame conditions of these problems are not alike. The same problem is named variously in different health care systems. Health is man's most valuable asset! This is probably why I am pretty keen on working as a physio- therapist. I appreciate also the various facets of our job. We have to focus on our patients without losing sight of the aspects beyond the walls of our practice. How health care systems evolve is crucial. At this point IPPTA provides a valuable source of support. We do not have to reinvent the wheel anew. Learning from each other is fundamental, if we want to make strategic decisions efficiently. In my opinion, one major point is building bridges between the cultures. Only together we will succeed. On one hand, success does always have to be measured by patient satisfaction. On the other hand, all solutions must be economically. A solution we can’t afford is no solution. The  last  IPPTA  Regional  Meeting  in  Auckland  motivated  me  to  apply  for  a position  in  the Executive Committee (EC). I will make use of my strengths to foster the development of IPPTA. As an owner of several private practices, I am used to combine visionary thinking, down to earth solutions and fast implementation of ideas.