About Us

The essential commitment of IPPTA is to encourage and enhance the development and advancement of private practice in physical therapy globally. 


The International Private Physical Therapy Association (IPPTA) is a non-governmental affiliation of Private Practice Organisations of National Physical Therapy Associations. It is a collaboration of international independent practitioners in physical therapy.

Association Members are the recognised Private Practitioner Sub Sections of the parent Physical Therapy Associations which are members of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

Members of the Private Practice Sub Section of the National Member Organisation must also be members of the parent National Member Organisation.



  1. To foster co-operation between physical therapists in independent practice throughout the world.
  2. To encourage improved standards of independent practice by physical therapists.
  3. To advance independent practice by communication and exchange of information.
  4. To encourage scientific research and promote opportunities for the spread of knowledge of new developments in the field of independent practice.
  5. To organise at regular intervals  seminars on all aspects of independent practice with particular focus on the business aspects of private practice.
  6. To present a profile and representation of private physical therapy at an international level. 

Structure of the Organisation

  • Full Member
    Any recognised Private Practice Sub Section of parent National Physical Therapy organisations which are WCPT Member Organisations in good standing.
  • Associate Member
    Any WCPT Member Organisation which has not as yet a private practice sub section in place, but wishes to achieve full membership in the future.
  • General Meeting
    Meeting of IPPA at which endorsed delegates from Member Organisations establish the policies of IPPA and elect the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee
    An elected group of endorsed delegates consisting of a Chair, Vice- Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one other Member representative.
  • Sub Committees
    Sub Committees may be formed to report on various projects and topics to the Executive Committee.
  • Finance
    The Association is a non profit making organisation supported  by annual subscriptions from its Members.

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